With points on the body, Kidney 1 a good place to start. It’s  literally our connection to source – it touches the earth with every step we take. Kidney source is our very essence, the energy we are born with all our inherited patterns and impulses. We can’t build upon this but we can certainly take care of it by grounding with the great source of energy, the earth. Press your thumb into the hollow on the ball of your foot and hold it there firmly for at least 10 seconds, release and press again, repeat this four or five times. Another way to enhance this energy and really improve posture and strength in the lower back is to stand barefoot on the earth with your knees slightly bent, shoulders down from ears, palms facing forward and breathe, imagine energy entering the body through   Kidney 1; flowing in and up along the front of your body on the in breath and down your back returning to Kidney 1 on the out breath. Repeat in cycles for about 30 seconds each.

My favourite way to connect to  Kidney 1 is by linking it to the Heart/Small Intestine Makko-ho stretch. This stretch is promotes flow and building of blood in the body. Pain often occurs when blood becomes stuck and its flow is impeded for example headaches, angina, and menstrual cramps. Stimulating Kidney 1 will ground the body enabling the shen/consciousness to settle in the blood, which is its home, whilst the makko-ho stretch will encourage softness, love and flow in the body.


tcm practitioner · December 15, 2012 at 5:10 am

Kidney 1 isn’t a source point. Kidney 3 is the source point
of the kidney meridian. Kidney 1 is the Wood 5 element point.

Shiatsu and the Art of Conscious Cooking · December 28, 2012 at 2:13 pm

Of course, many thanks for pointing it out 🙂 – I hope you enjoyed the rest

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