Lent and and loosing weight in Chinese Medicine


Pancakes , Pancakes, Pancakes everywhere yesterday. I even saw a new 12 pancake challenge on facebook – wow – all that butter, milk and eggs, just for one person; not to worry though as obviously you wont be having any of those ingredients for the next 40 days and 40 nights ……. 🙂 in my experience it is unlikely that an egg or piece of buttered toast wont cross my path before easter. But it is time for me to shed a few winter pounds and cutting out “Fat Tuesday” foods isnt such a bad thing where the liver is concerned.  However dieting alone just brings extra stress and cortisol to the body, the mind becomes over focused and doesn’t see the bigger picture, so understanding the body and an holistic approach is needed to loosing weight.


Maybe you have given something up, standards being chocolate and alcohol. The Liver loves all this and will really thank you for a period of abstinance. Far too often in our Western society we overdo things, binge drinking, 12 pancakes and even easter with its tsunami of chocolate. All of these the liver has to manage and process. It’s the organ that detoxes and metabolises what we ingest, be that food, drink, tobacco, pollution or medication. In Chinese Medicine this organ relates to the time of spring and regeneration. After a quiet winter we wake up and start to move. The evenings are brighter and the mornings earlier. Sometimes it’s difficult to jump out of bed if the Liver is overloaded so a spring clean at Lent is an opportune time to clear out the Liver and get that Gall Bladder pumping bile. Clearing out and metabolising fats that have been stored during the winter is important at this time of year. Try cutting out milk, cheese, cream and buttery spreads, replacing with coconut oil for frying or coconut milk in stews and curries. As the variety of fresh fruit and vegetables increases try more salads and raw foods at the table. Thinly slice corguettes, grate carrots and toss in lemon juice, olive oil and salt as an alternative to the hot, cooked dishes that got us through the winter.


Rather than Lent as being about abstinence and denial, see it as bringing something into your life. New food, new meals and perhaps a new flexible way of thinking. Loosing weight isnt just about cutting calories, its about improving your metabolism, your body and mind functions. Get that liver working at a stimulating pace. See Lent as a time of adding a few inches to the spring in your step or adding a few years to your length of your life.

If you want to know more I will be teaching a one Day Detox Cooking Class for the Liver

Saturday 25th March – 12-4.30 (click the link for full menu)

We will address poor liver function, gall stones, slow metabolism, frustration and anger, joint pain, high cholesterol, digestive stagnation and bloating with food.  Leave the class feeling lighter and brighter with a knowledge of how to improve flexibility and energetic flow.

or have a look at my new video:3 ways to wake up your liver




Spring into Summer

Shake off the fog and stretch out into clarity and joy  

9-11 May 2014


Blow away the cobwebs, let go the dark winter and spring into the light of summer.  Now is the time for renewed energy and new beginnings.  So shake off lingering winter blues and fuzzy fogginess with a healthy mix of heart and detox iyengar yoga, creative/meditation exercises and conscious cookery lessons.  All elements provide a health plan to get you in super shape for Summer, head to toe, inside out. Welcome in with joy all that the Universe has in store for you



For a full schedule outline including full menu and activity lisitng click on conscious cooking – classes on the drop down menu above – but heres a quick selection

  • Yoga to detox the body and mind, focusing on Asanas that cleanse the blood, the liver & the kidneys
  • ConsciousCooking lessons learning food for detox, healthy heart & flowing blood
  • Pranayama – powerful art of breathing
  • Soul Painting connect with your Divine self on a deep level dontknowyet
  • Get inspired creating Vision boards, manifesting your life as you want it to be.
  • Mindfulness, Heart songs & Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Amazing vegetarian meals
  • Acupressure points to calm the spirit and reduce stress
  • Time to rest and walk in the stunning grounds and on a secluded beach in North Wicklow


Cost: early bird until 22 April €245,thereafter €275

Includes all food, accommodation & tuition

For more info and a booking form contact the team:

Liz Kavanagh     elizakavanagh@hotmail.com    087 931 4914

Joanne Faulkner    joannefaulkner@live.ie      086 607 0432