Its finally here – the online Conscious Cooking Course to stop sweet cravings.  The online, entertaining, informative and practical course is hosted on it’s own new website

The course consists of

  • an video overview lesson in which sweet cravings are explained in terms of Chinese Medicine
  • 11 video recipes including No sugar fruit crumble, Raw Chocolate Seed Bombs and Pomegranate and Bulgar Salad that will banish your sugar cravings, improve your metabolism and balance your blood sugars
  • 1-1 skype session to help assess your diet and lifestyle plan whilst recommending specific foods for your best possible life

If you are stuck in a cycle of sweet cravings or perhaps your energy is bouncing from sugar highs to exhausted lows or perhaps you simply have an active interest in diet and want to understand of the emotional aspect of food, then this is the course for you.

To find out more visit  Theres even a free video so you can experience the course and find out a super simple ingredient that stops sweet cravings

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Food can affect how you feel and how you feel affects the food you choose so by using Traditional Chinese Medicine you can use your body’s clues such as cravings, emotions, colours and times of day/year to understand what is going on inside your body. We all have to eat, now you can understand what you are eating and why you chose the foods you do.  This course is about understanding unconscious desires for certain foods and understanding the emotional aspect of food.


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