After speaking at the large Fibromyalgia Summit a couple of weeks ago I was more convinced than ever about the causes of chronic conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupis, Parkinson’s etc.  Somewhere along the line, all the people I have encountered at my clinic or at talks, seminars and in everyday life have experienced extreme stress at some point and that has been the trigger for their condition. 

The 3 stressors I categorize as follows

  • Environmental  – medication including painkillers, cigarettes, alcohol, pollutants and toxins in the air, food and external environment including additives and preservatives in food,  cleaning products, cosmetics and any plastic derived products.
  • Physical – Accidents, injury, operations  & overdoing things, pushing past your physical limits
  • Emotional Grief, loss, abuse and trauma

In the reality of this bittersweet life who hasn’t experienced the grief and trauma of being alive? As the Buddha said to a grieving mother who asked him to cure her baby, “you must have some mustard seeds. Go into town and ask at each house, but you must only accept seeds from a house in which no one has died.” Of course, she cannot find a household in which no one has died and that helps her accept the loss of her own child

At some point in life we all experience grief and some kind of trauma but why it develops into a chronic condition is not established.  I believe that conditions become ripe when a collection of all 3 stressors come into the mix and something happens, usually an emotional trigger, to tip them over the edge.  At this point the body is simply unable to cope, it cannot release the stress from the body, it produces an acid environment and the body begins to attack itself. 

From a Chinese Medicine point of view fear, stress and trauma deplete the kidney energy meaning the body stays on high alert, oversensitive to any impending or imagined danger. When the kidney is weak it cannot support the Liver, which is responsible for the healthy flow of energy in the body.  When energy cannot flow, it backs up, gets stuck, and it stagnates. Wherever energy (chi) stagnates, there is the potential for pain.

So what can we do?  To address the symptoms of pain we can clear the liver of environmental toxins and ensure that is working in tip top conditions.  Green is a good place to start as it is the colour for the Liver, therefore all green foods will assist the organ and it’s partner the Gall Bladder.  The first module in the Online Supported Course for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue is full of TV cookery programmes to clear the liver of fats and toxins.

Secondly, we can assist the body on a regular basis to smoothly transition from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system.  Both part of the central nervous system, the Sympathetic is responsible for the fight or flight while parasympathetic is referred to as rest and digest.  When we enter the parasympathetic nervous system and relax, the body begins to split cells for regeneration, and healing begins to happen.   Circulation improves, digestion and absorption are smooth, even thinking and moods become clearer.

Loving-kindness Meditation is a great place to start the body enter the parasympathetic nervous system.  It imprints the mind that all is well and, despite past experiences, the world is a benevolent place.  It means that we set up a pattern of self-love which is really where all the release of trauma and healing begins.  At a cellular level, this creates a positive, ph balanced environment in which the DNA can split and reproduce healthy cells for support and growth for a healthy body. There is a guided Loving Kindness Meditation as part of the Online Supported Programme which begins Tomorrow, Monday 28th May.

It’s hosted online and you can watch the recipes a bit like watching cookery programmes on the TV – just log in to your account. There are also 3 live lessons with me and you have a 1-1 supervision session with me too.  This is a course you can do in your pyjamas – it runs over 6 weeks but you have lifetime access once you have purchased so you can watch the recipes or the videos showing acupressure points to press as many times as you like.

  • The first module deals with clearing the liver and reducing symptoms
  • The second module looks at the cause of the conditions
  • The third module addresses what is blocking your healing
  • The fourth module at creating a strong, secure boundary for your body to restore and heal

Normally the course is €149 but as you are reading this blog there is a discount code. Use the code REDUCEPAIN and you will receive 15% discount meaning it’s only €129 which is probably the same as a monthly visit to the doctors plus some pain medication – why not try a different way

The first lesson is free – so why not click the button and see if you like it.

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