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Turning towards the Golden Age

The solstice turned yesterday taking us out of the darkest time towards the coming light of spring. It is at this time Chinese Medicine ties the body to the Kidney and Bladder - telling us to go deep, to take time to rest and restore. I was recently asked to write an article for the Active Retirement Ireland Annual on how to generate and conserve energy as we age. In Chinese Medicine this too covers the realm of the Kidney and Bladder. So the information in the article covers food that can fortify us all within the quiet steady winter months.

Energy of Food Blog

Why Food & Sex?

Sexual energy falls under the domain of the Chi of Earth, it is the Yin, the emptyness from which all life emerges. It cannot be ignored, shushed or pushed away. It is an absolute integral part of our make up and has huge power for creation and healing. As the Jewish proverb says “Body without a spirit is a corpse and Spirit without a body is a ghost”. So lets get sexual energy out in the open, on the kitchen table.

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