4.00 Arrival

5.00 Conscious Cooking Class

                         • Spelt Bread

                        • Wheat germ soda bread

                        • Beetroot and Parsley salad

                        • Indonesian Coconut Soup

7.00 Supper

8.30 Evening meditation and Yoga


8.00 Morning meditation and Yoga

9.00 Breakfast incl Porridge served with optional seeds and raisins (Oats are a warming tonic for the Qi. They strengthen the Spleen and benefit the nervous system and the bones), Fresh fruit,Yogurt, Muesli, Selection of Breads all of which are baked fresh daily by the Hunky Chunk including Spelt and pumpkin seed, Fruit soda, Wheat/gluten free with sunflower seed, No Yeast cheese and herb and Fresh Orange Chai

10 -1.00 Shiatsu Bodywork – Meridian stretches Acupressure points and Traditional Chinese bodywork for the Heart

1.00    Main Meal

·        Stuffed Peppers, Giant Baked Beans and Jordanian Green Salad with edible flowers

·        Tropical fruit Salad with Sesame treats


2.00    Free time for walks in the grounds or a swim at the beach

5.00    Conscious Cooking Class

              ·        Roasted Red Pepper Soup

             ·        Five Herb Pesto

             ·        Tabouleh Salad

             ·         Yogurt, Cheese and herb bread

7.00    Supper

8.30    Evening meditation and Yoga


8.00    Morning meditation and Yoga

9.00    Breakfast

10-1    Shiatsu Bodywork – Meridian stretches, Acupressure points and Traditional Chinese bodywork for the Heart 

1.00    Main Meal

·         African Cannellini and Chickpea Curry (mild) served with apple salad and basmati rice.  Chickpeas nourish the Stomach and Heart and together with the warming spices are useful against damp conditions.  Coconut gives sweetness and grounding for the heart.

·        Coconut Macaroons with rhubarb fool

2.00    Closing Ceremony

There are a few places available including a couple of single rooms.  To book please email of phone me on 086 607 0432 for more information.

This course schedule is an outline and may change due to unforeseen circumstances such as available ingredients and the weather J



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