Sugar in all its many manifestations; from chocolate to pasta and all the biscuits, ice cream, bread, and cake in between, produce an energy rush. These refined sugars are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and give us a getup and go. However, there is a price to pay, as sugar levels stabilize themselves by dipping as low as they rise. This cycle of energy ups and downs, really exhaust the body.

The stress our body undergoes through sugar highs and sugar lows produce the hormone, cortisol, which if in the bloodstream over long periods of time, can affect your libido, menstrual cycle and most importantly your metabolism. If you find you gain weight around the chest and abdomen which is hard to shift, whilst your legs and arms stay slender and slim then you probably have high cortisol levels within the body.


This is especially prevalent as we enter menopause and the change in hormones may mean we find it harder to maintain our normal body weight. In Chinese Medicine, this is under the domain of the Liver and my next online course will be covering this aspect in detail but before we can get the liver working tip top we must stabilize our sugar intake and ensure the spleen is healthy. The liver maintains the metabolism and the excretion of hormones such as cortisol but before addressing the symptom we must address the cause of cortisol and excessive sugar intake is a primary cause of the stress hormone cortisol being produced in the body.

Quick tip – chewing your food and taking time for your meals lowers stress levels and cortisol in the body. The act of chewing breaks down the food and releases the sugars into the mouth giving a relaxed feeling of satisfaction.

If you want to learn more quick tips and recipes to manage your sugar intake without denial or special diets to regulate your weight, moods and hormone levels then visit the 6-week online programme to Stop Sweet Cravings. This personal programme with 1-1 support will help you balance your sugar levels, your body weight, and your hormone levels.  There are only a few places left and enrollment closes 30 October 2017

Here’s what you will receive

  • Direct personal contact with me to guide you through the Chinese Medicine information. During the programme, you will face challenges and tough times but I will be there to support as you make changes in your life
  • Instructional video classes – these are entertaining TV cookery programmes with added bites of nutritional information about how the food works on your body in Chinese Medicine
  • Loving Kindness meditations for sleep and daytime. The energy that we need for a happy balanced life comes from more than just food – it comes from care and love. These meditations will help you generate these feelings
  • Helpful tips and hints including a shopping list so that you know what to have in your cupboards and can stay on track long after the course is over.
  • Access to the secret Facebook group so that you can share your experience and gain support from fellow participants in our online community.

For More information on the 6-week online programme to Stop Sweet Cravings click the button
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Ann Reynolds · October 19, 2017 at 3:45 pm

How much is the upcoming cookery course, enrolment finishing 30th Oct. 2017. And where does it take place. Found info confusing.

    Shiatsu and the Art of Conscious Cooking · October 19, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    It’s an online programme so there is no physical location. It costs €149 and last up until Christmas and beyond if you stay a member of the facebook group. It’s not essential to be a master of the computer – all you have to do is click on or the big orange button in the above article – that will take you to where you access the course. There is no obligation, you can just have a look. Most of the teaching comes in the form of TV cookery programmes which are watched from the website on any device, at any time. They are yours for life so you can watch them again and again. There is also direct contact with me to answer any specific question you may have. This is done through Zoom – I email you a link and when you click on the link it takes you to a virtual classroom so that I can give presentations and answer questions. I hope this answers your questions but if you would like a physical chat please call me on 086 607 0432 🙂 thanks Joanne

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