1-1 Conscious Consultations

Zoom 1-1 session – during this private consultation session, using the 5 element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I can assess your condition and discuss what you would like to change in your life.  I then follow up by emailing you 3 recipes, acupressure points, body exercises and lifestyle guidance to improve your health and wellbeing.

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During a traditional shiatsu session, I tune in and communicate energetically with the bodies energy system;  assessing, diagnosing areas and organs that need support and those that need calming, through constant contact between my hands and the clients body.  It is still possible to do this via Skype as we take a few moments to tune in to each other and breath together at the beginning of the session.  I also use Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Diagnostics to determine the quality and position of your bodies Chi (energy). I will also send a assessment form before the session requesting information on your current diet, medication, past medical history and current body functions so I have a sense you before we begin and can best make use of our time.

Single 30 minute consultation   €50 including three, unique to you, follow up recipes, self acupressure points and lifestyle guidance

Series of 3 consultations set at your convenience €120 upon completion you will receive three, unique to you, follow up recipes, a comprehensive list of foods to use in future recipes, self acupressure points and lifestyle guidance



5 thoughts on “1-1 Conscious Consultations

  1. Joanne Faulkner has been cooking for my mindfulness retreats (www.thebeehive.ie) for a number of years now and I have to say it adds a huge element to our retreats. Up at 6am every morning Jo cooks everything from scratch – breads are amazing, and all the food is vegetarian and mainly organic, Jo puts a lot of consciousness, love and presence into her work and the results speak for themselves. Cooking according to the principles of Shiatsu from her book (Shiatsu and The Art of Conscious Cooking) brings a real depth to each meal where she introduces the dishes and talks about how they support different organs and the energy of the body. Our mindfulness retreats are ‘middle way’ and we provide desserts and Oh yes I think some participants come back over and over just for these! Jo is great to work and all the participants always sign her praises. Thanks Jo you are a Diamond!!!

  2. Hi joanne, I am bridesmaid to my friend’s wedding in August & we are looking to plan an alternative hen’s party for her with some calm and cool rather than craziness. Would you be free the weekend of July 16th to do maybe a cooking class and shiatsu type party for us? Any ideas you have would be welcome, we just like your combination. Many thanks, Alyson

  3. HIghly recommended, Joanne fed a group of over 30 of us during a weekend event. Tasty, filling yet light, delicious food evidently cooked with love and care. Her book is a must too ! Thanks Joanne, you are a gem xx

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