I love shiatsu, I love food – all these things connect me to the best of life, which is joyous love.” 

Shiatsu is sometimes described as acupuncture without needles. It’s rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine that links together food, emotions, organs, colours, flavours, symptoms, senses, times of year and times of the day so that you can interpret moods or symptoms and heal them with food.

It’s not about fad diets, it’s about understanding the ancient simple nutritional system of Yin and Yang. With me, Joanne Faulkner and Conscious Cooking, you understand this simple system to know and embrace what food works for you…….. #LoveYourFood #LoveYourself

You can learn this 1-1 by booking a Shiatsu treatment or working with me through an Online Course.  If you like group experiences, join us on one of the healthy, fun Cooking Retreats or book me to come to your organization, festival or family home to give a live demo of what this amazing system can do for you and how to make delicious food that suits your body.

It’s about how to love yourself with food as medicine, simple.

How to Connect with Conscious Cooking

Shiatsu Treatments

Shiatsu uses comfortable thumb pressure and palming massage to penetrate deeply into the muscles, energy channels and acupuncture points. Using the Hara to diagnose and treat physical and emotional conditions. All treatments come with individual dietary advice

Cooking Courses

Menopause/Stopping Sweet Cravings/Reducing Pain (fibromyalgia) and Chronic Fatigue

Learn how to use food as medicine to improve your life. Simple, easy and fun.

Cook Book

A Spiritual cookbook filled with recipes, meditations and acupressure points which asks how you are feeling, what you are craving and offers you a toolkit of possible solutions for change.

Events & Demonstrations

Have you ever wanted all the answers ……. what will stop this headache? Why can’t I fall sleep? Why do I crave chocolate? When will I win the lotto? Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking might not give you the winning numbers but it will help you in answering many of the other questions linked to how we are feeling and the food we eat.

Cooking Retreats

Conscious Cooking Classes to heal your body, Amazing Vegetarian Meals, Makko ho sessions, Self Shiatsu sessions, Meditation & Mantra, Time to rest and walk in the stunning grounds and secluded beach in North Wicklow.


The recipe my interactive app chooses for you will be the best recipe to suit your mood and address your craving today. By asking ourselves how we are feeling and what we need is a great way to start loving ourselves so ..... Go Ahead – Love Your Food, Love Yourself


What people are saying


“really enjoyed all the tastes and wisdom….. I find your work very interesting and explains many things I half knew before without understanding… thanks”

Maria, Educational Director, Toni & Guy

Maria, Educational Director, Toni & Guy

Thank you so very much for your beautiful book, I love it. So much of what I believe in but never related my mindfulness to my food before. Now that I read about it I realize I was mindlessly eating. Very helpful thank you



Your knowledge and enthusiasm for your cooking and your holistic approach to how to nurture and heal both body and mind has given me a greater understanding of what conscious cooking is really about, and how important it is in our hectic lives.
I sure hope to be sitting around the table with you in the near future.

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